Useful Tips

This process includes one pass of the carpet cleaning with no pre-spray or spot cleaning. This process is used by many companies as a low price bait and switch tactic.

Deep Scrub Process includes:
Multiple wand passes, the proper pre-spray for each situation, spot cleaning and final neutralizing rinse.

feather-duster-59570_1280Combo Process is a combination of two processes that includes:
The deep scrub process and the use of a rotary scrubber with a cotton pad spinning at 175 RPMS. This process adds the extra agitation to break down the most stubburn soiling conditions and is recommended for berber carpets.Dry Cleaning Process
Uses solvents to clean upholstery most furniture today is best cleaned with hot water extraction but there are some upholsteries that can only be cleaned with one dry cleaning process.

Hot Water Extraction

Our preferred cleaning process for upholstery. This process includes pre-spray to loosen soil, hand scrub heavily soiled areas such as arms, high back area, edges and foot areas. Spot clean and rinse with a neutralizing agents which will bring colors back to life.

Orientals & Area Rugs

Team Services uses the finest care when cleaning specialty products.

Rotary Clean

High pressure wash edges and fringes deep scrub extraction including spot cleaning.

Wool Rugs will be cleaned with cleaning products designed specifically for wool and cleaning process that will provide superior results! Our process will provide spectacular results exposing the vivid colors in wool carpets!

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